Ideas on how to beautify an attractive Mantel

A mantel is often the focal point of its room, so it can be the perfect place to set the tone and ambiance of your interior. With this unbelievable amount of possible, you may need some tips and tricks for decoration. Ideas on how to beautify an attractive mantel, yours will bring warmth, dimension, and traits into the room.

The perfect mantelpiece always displays a personal flair. Hang holiday cards you received during the season or stage with sentimental decorations your family has gathered or created throughout the years. Your personal touch should represent you and/or your family to truly be both unique and memorable. Open up the entire room by adding a large mirror over your mantelpiece.

This will create the illusion of extra space and light to your room’s interior. You can hang the mirror, rest it on top, or hang several different, smaller mirrors to create a chic, open, and inviting space. The mantelpiece can be just as practical as it is decorative for home. Use your mantel as a shelf, decrease clutter, and turn your reading material into décor at the same time. Decorative books, classic novels, magazines, and even newspapers can add a sense of intelligence, art, and charm to the room.

The mantelpiece is a perfect place to embrace the earthy elements of the outdoors. Add some potted plants to your mantelpiece for a spark of color and a natural environment. Since a mantelpiece is fairly narrow, it can be tempting to neatly align all your decorative ideas. However, try stack and layering the items. This will add interest and create a more unique and engaging style for guests to absorb.

Although the mantel is a small portion of the room, it holds a plethora of power. Make use of the valuable space and create the inviting ambiance you desire with these unique decorative tips.


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